Since 1835.

In 1835 Guglielmo Diatto, a 30-year-old wheelwright from Carmagnola, founded a workshop on the banks of the river Po in Turin for the manufacture and repair of carriage wheels. The business developed into building carriages for nobility and Diatto Manifattura di Carrozze (Carriage Manufacture) became a successful industrial concern.

The origin
of luxury.

Italy is recognized as being the home of more than 50% of the word's artistic wealth. (source: UNESCO - United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization).

From the Roman Coliseum to the Venetian masterpieces of architectural magnificence, from Leonardo to Michelangelo, Italy has always exerted a worldwide influence on fashion and culture.


Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maclaren, Maserati, Mercedes AMG, Rolls-Royce, Diatto represents a very seductive sporting novelty, embodying a centenary noble brand.

The name Diatto, thanks to its historical bonds with the world leaders of the time, Bugatti, Maserati, and Nuvolari, Evokes the pioneering spirit of the world of motor sport.

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1835: The foundation

In 1835, the inventor and businessman Guglielmo Diatto opened a “carradore” (literally “carriage manufacturer”) workshop at Torino, on the banks of the River Po, to manufacture horse carriages.

In 1838 he patented his perfected wheel”, and the business prospered over the following years thanks to a series of other innovations, expanding to the manufacture of trams and railway carriages.

By 1864, the year of Guglielmo’s death, Diatto - now managed by his sons Battista and Giovanni - were not only developing their carriage production, but also well on the way to becoming one of the major European manufacturers of railway equipment.