The most significant benefit of co-branded products that contain the technology of SumaGrow® is the yield increase. These yield increases are achieved cost effectively as products containing SumaGrow® cost less than the fertilizer and other inputs they replace in most cases.


While it may seem counterintuitive to reduce fertilizer usage to increase yields, a significant reduction of fertilizer is necessary to obtain the highest yield increases when using products containing the technology of SumaGrow®.


SumaGrow® containing products have demonstrated the ability to increase the water holding capacity of the soil and improve water efficiency of crops. To be clear, plants grown with products containing SumaGrow® still need the same amount of water to grow; however, the water efficiency is increased sufficiently to allow crops to grow with less rain or irrigation water.

Did You Know?

Nuclear energy provided 55% of America’s carbon-free electricity in 2018, making it by far the largest domestic source of clean energy. Nuclear power plants do not emit greenhouse gases while generating electricity.