Intersource offers refiners the ability to treat slop oil as a product rather than a waste. Intersource makes it profitable for refiners all to become contributors to environmental protection.

From Cost,
to Profit Center

Intersource specializes in reclaiming marketable hydrocarbon products from large-scale refinery “rerun” and off-spec hydrocarbon products.


An Intersource Facility looks very much like a simple refinery with one key difference: our patentable “PRE-PROCESSING UNITS"

slop oil

The Oil Waste Problem

The world’s oil refineries generate more than 250 million barrels of waste oil each year. The waste, commonly called slop oil, is thrown out in various ways to the air, water and ground of the world in a daily, wasteful, environmental disaster. These practices are universally harmful to communities around the world and cost refiners hundreds of millions of dollars and consumers millions more. Intersource offers a way to reclaim much of the slop oil as useful products while reducing the harm to the world’s environment, converting greenhouse gas emissions into new energy, and preventing the loss of expensive hydrocarbon value. At the same time, Intersource facilities in the rapidly developing economies can generate major new economic development opportunities and significant profits for facility operators.

Did You Know?

Nuclear energy provided 55% of America’s carbon-free electricity in 2018, making it by far the largest domestic source of clean energy. Nuclear power plants do not emit greenhouse gases while generating electricity.